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The Bioinformatics and Chemical Informatics Research Center (BCIRC) develops software tools, databases, and other resources that use chemistry to interpret biology. Currently, we offer several products:

  • ZINC , a database of commercially available compounds for virtual screening.
    • currently version 8 (2008).
    • Version 9 will appear in 2009.
  • DOCK Blaster , a free virtual screening service.
    • currently in beta test (since Nov 2007).
    • Now recruiting testers.
  • DUD a directory of useful decoys for benchmarking virtual screening.
We also collaborate on the following projects
  • DISI a community effort to document ligand discovery methods.
  • HEI high energy intermediates for substrate docking.
  • SEA the similarity ensemble approach, using ligand lists to describe the biological recognition of a protein binding site
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